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Legendary Gibbers =L-G=

Bienvenue sur le forum des Legendary Gibbers. Boss: TotO
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MessageSujet: [Anglais] SCORE   [Anglais] SCORE I_icon_minitimeVen 3 Sep - 17:37

I would like to post here some words about this system.
First of all, these values are experimental, and can change in the next releases.
Also, all this is decided by the server... so, it cannot be (easily) cheated.

The idea behind the new "score" column is to put in just one number frags+deaths+flags+teamplay, with the intention of rip ratio from this game. Ratio was an very artificial number, which rewarded only the nade spammers and "evaders" (those who hide, camp and when take 20 of damage, run for the nearest life pack).

In 1.0.4, those who play to cover his teammates (or to catch or defend the flag) usually have bad ratios. The guy who score the flag, at least gain the flag score... but that guy who covered him or defended the flag in base (which is crucial to flag score) gains nothing.

So, we managed to create this new united score to count all these things.
The way this score is counted is not *much different* from the ideas behind the ladders, but with many enhancements characteristic from AC1.1 (and still experimental).

In AC1.1, you can check these extra source of score using /hudextras 2... so you will see some extra messages, like: "combo", "multicombo x2", "you covered the flag", "teamwork done", between others.


The basic source of score is the "frag", and its value is 10. If you die you lose 4 points. Considering only frags and deaths, and thinking in the old ratio system, you have score > 0 if ratio > 0.4 (what it is not much difficult, right?). Anyway, after some initial complains, if the ratio is less than zero, it is presented zero in the scoreboard (so, the overall teamscore can mismatch the sum of the players scores presented).


normal frag 10
shotgun gib 12
sniper gib 15
knife gib 20
death -4
team kill -10


One important (and probably controversial) feature of the new score system is that some score sources are dependent of the player number (limited to 12 players, i.e., this specific source of score does not change anymore if there are more than 12 players in the server). These sources are mainly related to the flag games. And the reason is very obvious: it is easier to score a flag when there are less players in a server, so, the reward is in some way proportional to the difficult.

Since some score sources are proportional to the difficult, it is also coherent to make the flag score proportional to the distance between the two flag bases (otherwise people playing ac_sunset would receive the same for flag score as playing ac_depot). In special, the distance between the flags in depot is about 200 cubes.

Many people can argue it is difficult to measure the exact value of this... and it really is, but there is no other way to reward the true skill and difficult level, and using depot as reference (third column below) one can quickly think: "this map has half of the size, so, i will get half of the points when scoring a flag"... in the same way: "this server has half of the players... i will get half of the points in flag related scores".


ctf return N 10
ctf pick N 10
ctf drop -N -10
ctf lost N*D/100 20
htf lost -2*N -20
ctf score 10+N*D/25 90
htf score 10+N*4 50
ktf score 10+N*2 30
frag ctf flagstealer 2*N 20
frag htf holdingflag N/2 5
(N is the number of players, D is the distance between flags, and the third column is the value for ac_depot with 10 player in the server)


The third controversial point is that there are a little small bonus for killing high score enemies. Obviously this is difficult to measure, but this will disrupt players from hunting high score by killing noobs only.


non-team mode P/400 1
flag mode P/300 2
team non-flag mode P/200 3
(P is the score of the target, the third column is the expected points to kill a high level enemy: 75 frags and 38 deaths = score 600).


The combo is a successive sequence of hits, which worths 5 points. It can be produced by the same weapon (like a PISTOL sequence, or a AR, SMG or AKIMBO burst), or for different weapons: like primary+pistol or primary+nade or primary+knife. The exact number of hits depend of the kind of combo and the timing between the hits.


Cover happens when the player kills an enemy in a short distance from the flag (both player and enemy must be in this range). The flag can stay in the base, or being carried by a teammate. As the same as the other flag score sources, cover worths proportional to the player number.


ctf cover flag in base N 10
ctf cover flagstealer 2*N 20
htf cover dropped flag N 10
htf cover flagkeeper 3*N 30

There are other sources of teamwork, but they are WiP, so I will not comment them now.

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